Two Penny

This weekend two girlfriends of mine and I ventured to Two Penny for some appetizers and cocktails to finish off the week and celebrate me getting my first job in three years! I am going back part-time/casual as a receptionist so it’s very minimal but it is a step in the right direction and something to celebrate when you haven’t been able to work for so long. Anyways…. we got to Two Penny around 7:45 pm which we assumed would be peak dinner time and it was, so we were told the wait was about 45 minutes and we could grab a drink and appie down stairs in the Teahouse (featured image for this page courtesy of the Two Penny/Teahouse website).

The Teahouse definitely has a cool vibe with a small bar and cute tables. There weren’t any tables available for three so they moved a two person table sideways to squeeze the three of us in, which was nice, but it was tight. The menu is different in the teahouse then it is in the restaurant so we tried a couple cocktails, Reeling in the Years and Slurpee 001, and the Sweet & Sour Ribs. The food and drinks were all very good, but the service left something to be desired. We waited for nearly an hour in the Teahouse before we were texted that our table was ready.

Sweet & Sour Ribs

Our table wasn’t quite ready when we went upstairs so we had to wait a little while longer, which wasn’t ideal. It was 9pm by the time we actually got a seat in the restaurant. Our server was friendly enough, but they seemed to be having some problems with their ordering system so he had to come back a couple times to ask for our drink order and then it took a while to receive them. Like I mentioned, their menu is different in the restaurant so we tried a few more cocktails, Guava Daiquiri aka G-Daiqs, Pisco Disco, and Milk & Honey (which was my favorite cocktail of the night), and the menu was extensive so had a lot more options to choose from.

We were all starving by the time we got seated so we ordered right away. Their service is tapas style, which I love because the food comes out when it is ready and it usually piping hot. We started our meal with the Crispy Mushroom Dumplings and I think these were my favorite item of the whole night. The dumplings were followed by Steamed BBQ Buns, Ginger Beef, and Bok Choy. The ginger beef is not your typical Chinese ginger beef deep fried and coated in sauce. This ginger beef was a slab of marinated meat that tasted like heaven. The ends were crispy and the flavour was to die for, but once you got in to the middle it was a little difficult to eat as the meat wasn’t easy to bite into making it so you had to shove a large chunk of meat in your mouth and chew away.

Overall, the food was amazing and I would return for it alone but the service wasn’t great. They are still new and working out the kinks but over estimating wait times and apologizing for slow service goes a long way in customer service and unfortunately Two Penny is lacking those things at the moment.

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