Disneyland Paris

Last night my friends and I “competed” in a Disney Trivia night and although we didn’t win we did do pretty well so I was happy (I am very competitive so this was a big step for me, not to win and be OK with it haha). After watching so many Disney movies over the last few weeks it has really made me want to go back to Disneyland and thus I have been reminiscing about my last trip to Disneyland Paris. The food in Paris is obviously amazing, especially the pastries, and Disneyland Paris had no shortage of these.

It’s going to sound weird, but the train stations in Paris had some of the best chocolat au pain I have ever had. They were fresh out of the oven making them warm and the chocolate was still melted inside, just so delicious. I could eat about ten of these right now.

Train station chocolat au pain on the way to Disneyland Paris.

Crepes became something we ate everyday in Paris as well, since they were very inexpensive, readily available, and came in sweet and savoury options. On one very cold day at Disneyland Paris I got a Nutella crepe and hot chocolate and they satisfied my cravings ten fold that day, omnomnomnom.

Ham and cheese crepe in Paris by the river… yummm

One “real” aka non-pastry meal we enjoyed at Disneyland Paris was a taco salad, with a beer of course! For an amusement park meal it was worth every penny. Usually the food isn’t great and is very overpriced where as this meal was quite large and didn’t break the bank!

Taco salad and a beer. I love vacation.

The food in Paris was exceptional. Looking at pictures of all of the pastries has my mouth watering and wanting to go back so badly. Watching Disney movies just makes me want to go back to a park so it might be time to start thinking about my next Disney experience: Hong Kong Disney, Shanghai Disney, and Tokyo Disney. Getting out the travel journal as we speak…

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