Kildares – Our Wedding Venue

So we’re only four months away from our wedding and we are both starting to get really excited! Our bachelor/bachelorette parties are planned, wedding invitations have been sent, and most of the decor has been made and/or ordered. There is very little left to actually be done, but one thing that I am looking forward to in the next month or so is developing our appetizer menu with the Chef at Kildares Ale House, which is where we are getting married.

We are having a cocktail reception and some of the starters they have on their menu are delicious so I know I want to eat them on my wedding day. The kimchi pork dumplings, wings, and pig buns are some of my favorites and are pictured below. You really can’t go wrong with dumplings and they’re not spicy at all. We are also for sure going to have their marinated dry ribs and spinach and artichoke dip, which are both very good as well. The nachos at Kildares are my absolute favorite item on their menu but I think they would be a little tricky for a cocktail reception.

If you have any suggestions for appetizers we should serve please let me know! I am very lucky to be able to develop the menu with the chef and am looking forward to possibly adding some different items that aren’t always on their menu to our cocktail menu. At the end of the day whatever we have to eat will be perfect and I know were going to have a great night regardless… especially with all of the Fitz’s Riesling I am going to be drinking ;). Happy wedding planning to everyone out there getting married this summer and if you’re in the neighbourhood be sure to check out Kildares for a patio drink and some appies.

A perfect patio with a perfect glass (bottle) of wine.

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