Cold Weather Reminiscing Volume 1: Miami 2014

So as you’ve gathered from my previous posts, I live in Calgary, Alberta. This year Calgary’s weather is breaking records on the DAILY for COLD weather. This weekend it was -25 degrees celsius, in APRIL. I’m sure you can tell I am thrilled with the weather we’ve been having. On days like today I am thankful for all the trips I was able to take before the accident (how I segregate my life now, before and after the accident, so sad) because I can look back at the photos and drool over all the food and drinks I enjoyed while reminiscing about the gorgeous weather.

In the spring of 2014 my best friend Jill and I went to Miami for ten days and had a fabulous time. The weather was beyond beautiful and the vibe was really cool and very different from any other place I have ever been. We stayed a few blocks from south beach so we spent a lot of time walking around, laying on the beach, and eating and drinking while people watching. One of our first stops was a restaurant with a beach view for some pizza and beers.

Blue Moon and thin crust pizza, can’t go wrong. 

Our hotel was very central and located around the corner from Las Olas Cafe, which was on Diners, Drive-Inns, and Dives so we obviously had to check it out. After testing it out one morning we basically made it our first stop every other day we were in Miami. I needed a coffee every morning and Jill would usually get a smoothie of some sort. Then we’d get some plantain chips for a beach snack later on. It was a great little place and we were lucky it was so close to us.

Our daily breakfast at Las Olas Cafe, Miami Beach.

We had rented a car while in Miami since there were so many different places we wanted to go, one of them being Key West. One day we packed up our stuff and headed towards the Florida Keys to get the full Florida experience. We stopped at the Old Honda Bridge Trail, did some exploring and then sat and enjoyed the beach for a few hours since we had the whole day to make our way there.

Unfortunately by the time we got to Key West the weather had turned sour and it was pouring rain. However, being the thrifty and creative girls that we are we found a Groupon for a local wine tasting, bought it up, and found ourselves at a cute little shop with a bar trying some lovely chocolates and wines.

Our host for the wine tasting was awesome so when we had completed it and realized that because it was still pouring outside all the shops had closed on the main street he suggested we go down a few doors as there was a little bar that NEVER closed (gotta love hippie, beach locals). So that was exactly what we did. We figured we would go there, have a bite to eat, and then head back to our hotel in Miami. Well, it just wasn’t our lucky day. When we got to the bar the owner told us they didn’t serve food, but if we were quick we could run across the street to the deli before it closed, grab some food, and bring it back to eat it at the bar. Thus, that’s exactly what we did! It was definitely an interesting and adventurous day in the Keys. sandwiches

On our last day in Miami we decided to go for a drive to Hollywood Beach, a beach that had been recommended to us before we came. It was stunning. It was clean and the water was a perfect shade of blue. After spending a few hours on the beach we got a bite to eat at Mamacita’s a great little Italian restaurant right on the beach. A few calzones, some beers, and a prefect view to end our vacation in Miami.

Hollywood Beach

I feel like this post is going to be the first of a volumed series since this lovely (NOT REALLY) weather continues to bless us with its presence. Until we actually receive spring I am just going to continue to look at photos from all the trips to warm places I have taken in the past and pray for warmer weather here in Calgary. #fingerscrossedforspring

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