Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Whoa, where did the last few months go? Time seems to be flying by since I have gone back to work full time and keeping up with anything outside of my physical care seems to get put on the back burner, so sorry again for the hiatus! Christmas is a week away and things seem to slow down a bit since everyone is ready for a holiday, so I have found some time to reminisce about our honeymoon to Bali back in August. Although Bali was incredible and it was awesome to finally get my husband to travel outside of North America, it wasn’t everything it was chalked up to be, in my opinion. It was gorgeous no doubt, but it was also very dirty and a lot more crowded than I expected. Non the less, it was an amazing time and I am so glad we went.

Unfortunately while we were in Bali there were quite a few 5 + level earthquakes which changed our plans for us. We had planned to go to the Gili Islands but because of the earthquakes there were no boats running. Instead, we went to Uluwatu for a few days which was really cool to see since so many people had told us about Padang Padang beach. But that story is for another post..

My favorite spot in Bali had to be Ubud. It was our first stop when we arrived on the island and to be honest after two days I didn’t want to leave. There was so much to do in the jungle-y city and surrounding area that the adventures we had there I will never forget. We stayed in an Air BnB close to all the action so we were walking distance from all of the restaurants and bars. The first morning we were both out of sorts with our sleep so we were up around 4:30 am and decided to walk to the Campuhan Ridge Walk to watch the sunrise.

By the time we got back from our walk breakfast was being served at our Air BnB so we sat down and enjoyed a home cooked meal with some tea and coffee. The meals weren’t anything special but when you’re paying 25$ for a room for two and breakfast is included it’s pretty hard to find anything to complain about.

Omelette’s were my breakfast of choice.

We spent the rest of our first day exploring the city of Ubud. We went to the Monkey Forest and nearly had multiple heart attacks, test ran some delicious smoothies, tried out a traditional Indonesian meal and experienced some highly recommended Indonesian-Mexican food at Taco Casa.

There’s just so much to say about Ubud and the surrounding area so I’ll end this post here and fill you in about rice terraces and waterfalls tomorrow. What I wouldn’t give to have another quesadilla from Taco Casa right now. Reagan said it was the most he had ever seen me eat before, I pretty much licked the plate clean. So so good.

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