Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

The morning we were suppose to leave for the Gili Islands we woke up in Ubud and found out there had been a 5.7 earthquake on Lombok, the island below the Gili’s and East of Bali, and that the fast boats and the booze cruise we were suppose to go on there were cancelled. Instead of braving a 10 + hour boat ride to get to Gili T we opted to get a cab and head to Uluwatu for a few days instead. I wasn’t feeling too hot when we woke up and I get motion sickness really easy so not getting on boat was probably a good idea, but getting in a car wasn’t a great idea either. Unfortunately Bali is a lot more populated than we thought and what google/apple maps says will take you an hour, will actually take you three. Our trip from Ubud to Uluwatu was the death of me that day.

By the time we got to Uluwatu Reagan was starving and I was very ill so we found a little spot called Outside Corner Cafe, after checking in to our hotel, that had a cute patio and some simple grub. I was feeling something light since my stomach was revolting against me so I went for the pumpkin soup which was so good.

pumpkin soup

After we nourished ourselves with some food we walked down to Padang Padang beach. So many people we had talked to about Bali before we left told us you must go to Padang Padang. It is the beach where so many people surf for the first time and has some of the best waves in the world. We had also heard stories about how there was nothing on the beach about 20 years ago and people would just tie a hammock or sleep in an abandoned shack right on the beach. Well Padang Padang is definitely more populated now than it was 20 years ago, although it wasn’t overly busy when we were there. We went around 5 pm and the sun was slowly lowering. The beach was beautiful but you could tell people abused it, which is really too bad. We hung out at Padang Padang for a while and had a few bintangs before heading back up to the main street to find Reagan some food.

We decided to spend a few nights in Uluwatu since there was a big party that happened on Sunday’s at Finn’s Beach Club. But alas, our bodies were still not appreciating the food and beverage choices we had made thus far so we skipped the party but still explored a little bit. We went to Finn’s for breakfast where I had the best smoothie bowl I think in all of Bali, I would highly recommend eating there! After we went down to the caves of Uluwatu. You pretty much walked down the steepest, most rugged stairs you can imagine, to put yourself in danger of drowning in these caves at the base of a cliff. Totally worth it.

We took it easy for the rest of the day, while enduring the after shock of another 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Lombok. By this time we really felt like Bali was against us so we decided to stop making plans and relax for the rest of trip. For dinner we found an Italian restaurant where we had some basic pasta and pizza, our go to for ill tummy’s in Bali. We spent the evening watching movies in our hotel room, exciting I know.. remember how I said 30 was really getting to me??

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