Oishii Sushi

I am a huge fan of Asian cuisine and am always searching for new places to try whether it’s Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, the list goes on and on. I am also a huge fan of Groupon because it allows me to try some new places I might not have tried at a fraction of the cost. These two reasons are how I came across Oishii Sushi in Riverbend, south Calgary. I paid $10 for a Groupon worth $20 (I always buy them when there is an extra % discount so they’re even cheaper), we spent another $20, and got so much food. I know $10 off doesn’t sound like much but their rolls are quite cheap so your dollar goes really far here. Unfortunately I wouldn’t say that Oishii was in my top 5 sushi restaurants in the city, but it’s close to home, relatively inexpensive, and they have an all-you-can-eat night so I would definitely say give it a shot.

We tried a variety of items such as the beef teriyaki, dumplings, won tons, California rolls, dynamite rolls, the rainbow roll, mango rolls, and finally the green tea ice cream which surprisingly comes free with every meal, so that was a nice added bonus. I really enjoyed the won tons and the dumplings, because who doesn’t like everything deep fried, but the rolls were relatively bland. The beef teriyaki was good but it was a little dry.

Overall, not a bad place to visit. I still think Li Ao in Evergreen is my favorite sushi place in the city for quality and price of sushi, but Oishii is for sure worth checking out. I would like to go back for the all-you-can-eat night and see what kind of damage I can do. I’ll wear my stretchy pants when that happens.

If you have any Asian cuisine restaurant recommendations in Calgary, or Hawaii (we’re going there in April) send me a message! And if you haven’t yet, check out my Instagram @feedingthefoodie.

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