Millarville Christmas Market

Merry Christmas Eve friends! My family’s tradition has been to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve before I was even born. We do a not-so-traditional meal of fondue, which gets more and more elaborate every year (dad even makes won tons now). Since Reagan and my step mom have joined our family I started making perogies and cabbage rolls as well, I guess fondue doesn’t cut it for them ;). Anyways, I was just thinking about how busy this year was and that I didn’t make it to many Christmas markets but I did get the chance to head out to my favorite one, Millarville Christmas Market, and thought I would share why I like it so much.

The Millarville Christmas Market is my favorite markets around Calgary because it is so spacious, they have a lot of unique and regular vendors, and of course the reindeer. Every year there are new vendors as well as the tried and true ones, but this year they had two additional tents set up with even more vendors which made me love it even more.


Every year I come home with the obvious items: fudge and Saskatoon Berry Wine (good old Saskatchewan roots). This year was no different, but we got there around lunch time so I had to give the perogy poutine from the Ukrainian Fine Foods truck as well. Three of the best things ever invented: poutine, cheese curds (cheese in general really, let’s be honest), and gravy. I may have a heart attack just looking at this photo…

Perogy Poutine #drool

After eating the poutine I decided against purchasing more sweets to take home but the caramel apples and homemade marshmallows really caught my eye.

Hopefully all of you can make it to this market next year if you are in or around Calgary! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas with your friends and families! Now off to drink my Saskatoon Berry wine, eat all the wontons and perogies, and socialize.

Merry Christmas!

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