Gringo Street

Restaurants that sport inexpensive tacos have been popping up in Calgary like crazy over the last few years. I recently experienced Gringo Street for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. I have gotten use to not getting my hopes up with new places for so long, but I really should stop doing that. Especially because the food scene in Calgary keeps getting better and better. Meh, it’s nice to be happily surprised than disappointed!

Happy Hour Taco Menu

There was a group of 8 of us and we were down there for the Happy Hour specials. 10 out of 10 I would recommend going during that time. We sat there for the entire happy hour and tried just about every fancy cocktail on the menu between the eight of us. We were also able to try a wide selection of the tacos, they are only TWO bucks during happy hour. Amazing. I mean they are two biters so they really shouldn’t be much more than $2 regularly but they are so avoid the higher pricing by going during happy hour.

The beer battered fish and the smoked mushroom were my favorite tacos out of the ones I tried. The cauliflower was decent but there just wasn’t as much filling as the other ones. I also tried the cheeseburger which was good and the pork shoulder (basically pulled pork with BBQ sauce). Overall, all of the tacos were tasty and when they’re that cheap you are a little more forgiving. The only things that I was disappointed with were the hostess’ (she was pretty rude and didn’t seem impressed with us that we didn’t have a reservation.. on a Sunday afternoon…) and the fact that they charged us extra when we needed more chips for the guacamole. This is a big pet peeve of mine because it was like $17 to begin with and they barely give you any chips, then they charge you more because you still have guac left. Just not a fan of that. The guac was good but Anejo is still the best IMO.

I would definitely go back for happy hour but I would stick to the tacos and margaritas. Those were definitely the best bang for your buck and oh so tasty. Do you have a favorite taco place in Calgary? Let me know!

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