New York City


This winter I was lucky enough to travel to one of the most amazing cities in the United States, New York City. On a whim, a friend from work and I booked a last minute trip over the long weekend in February and ventured to NYC. As I am sure many of you have noticed from my previous posts, I am a planner. So, needless to say, we had our days mapped out hourly, and man am I thankful we did. In two and a half days we saw ALL of New York, I literally mean we saw everything. Now, we didn’t spend much time at every attraction, but we sure saw it all (we only missed the New York Public Library). With food being our number one priority, obviously, our days were focused around hitting up specific restaurants to satisfy our cravings. Let me guide you through our short but sweet vacation to New Fork Citttaaayyyy.

Day 1

Our first day in New York started with arriving at 6:30 am, dropping our bags off and changing at our hotel, then heading to brunch at Sunday In Brooklyn. The best pancakes I have ever had were at this brunch spot, WOW. They were super fluffy and covered in a brown butter hazelnut sauce that was to die for. I highly recommend going to Brooklyn for these delicious pieces of heaven.

Our next stop was the Bagel Store (also in Brooklyn) because I NEEDED to see the famous rainbow bagels that had taken over Instagram. They did not disappoint, they even had sparkles on them! Next up was the Brooklyn Bridge, which I think was my favorite piece of architecture we saw in New York. It’s just amazing. We spent the afternoon cruising through Wall Street, we took the Staten Island Ferry, and we made our way through Soho where we had some awesome ramen from a random hole-in-the-wall market. In the evening we went to Mean Girls on Broadway (go if you have the chance, you will not regret it) and then stumbled upon a cool Victorian style pub which was far too fancy for us but had a hip, early 2000 vibe, so we loved it.

Day 2

Magnolia Bakery was our first stop for breakfast before checking out the Rockefeller Centre Skating rink, the Chrysler Building, and Grand Central Terminal. If you are in New York you MUST try their banana pudding. This is probably one of the most scrumptious things I have ever tried. You can literally eat it any time of the day, it’s not too sweet or too filling, it is just perfect. After walking around for a bit we headed to Essex NYC for their bottomless mimosas brunch, which was clearly amazing. We drank non-stop mimosas for nearly two hours, ate a delicious salmon benny, and then ventured to Times Square.

Times Square was really cool, but super busy. We stopped in at a few shops but decided after about an hour that we needed another beverage and a snack. We stopped at Butter which was an obvious choice for a blonde and brunette exploring NYC together (watch Gossip Girl for the reference if you don’t get it). And because we were just very extra on this trip we had to order the Purple Paradise, which was a drink served in a giant pineapple goblet with a purple flower. Delish. Next we went to Bryant Park for a chimney cake from The Stackery, so much tastiness in one dessert but definitely too much for one person. As you have noticed, we spent our one full day eating and drinking A LOT.

For happy hour we went to Serra by Birrera. I chose this place because every season they decorate this restaurant with fake, paper flowers to represent the season. Since we were there in winter everything was white and it was beautiful. The drinks were also amazing and we ended up having a bacon potato raclette that briefly satisfied our craving for salt. Over all I was very happy with this choice. It was right beside the flatiron building as well which was super neat. That evening we went to the comedy cellar for a comedy show and had ramen from Ramen-Ya for dinner to finish up our eating for the day before drinking $1 Angry Orchard Ciders at a hole in the wall pub where we met Richard Sommer from Mad Men, pretty cool.


Day 3

On our last day in NYC we conquered:

  • Rockefeller centre – amazing views, we could see the empire state building and central park
  • Tiffany’s – where I spent way too much money but have no regrets
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art steps – again see Gossip Girl 
  • The Guggenheim – just the outside, next time I would like to go in
  • Central Park – I could definitely spend a day walking through the park so I guess I will have to go back, schucks haha

New York was one of the best trips I have ever been on. It was a trip jam packed full of exciting things to do and see and eat and I had an absolute blast.. next stop, VEGAS. Stay tuned!


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