Scarpetta Eatery

Recently I joined forces with Top Dish YYC and had my first dining experience with them at Scarpetta Eatery in Inglewood. Top Dish is a cool new company that helps foodies get out to restaurants to try their food and then review them on social media outlets. They also have contests where you can submit your receipts and and pictures for a chance to winner your bill paid for or other gift cards.

Scarpetta is an Italian restaurant with a chic, classy vibe located in the heart of Inglewood. My husband loves Italian food so I thought I would bring him along on this outing but it would also be a great place to go with a group of girl friends as the atmosphere definitely promotes that. Our server was Jimmy and he was great. He helped my husband find a wine he actually enjoyed (which is saying a lot because he usually doesn’t like wine if it is not Zweigelt). They started us out with complimentary focaccia bread, the marinated olives, and the caprese salad, all of which were very good.

For my main I tried the gnocchi, Jimmy recommended it and I would absolutely recommend trying this dish if you ever go to Scarpetta. Truffle oil , IMO, legitimately makes everything good. Plus this dish was full of double smoked bacon so you really can’t go wrong ordering it. My husband had the lasagna which was quite large, but he didn’t think it was meaty enough, it had a great flavor though. We wren’t planning on trying any desserts but they had mini pistachio cannolis’, so I had to, and they were very worth it.

All in all Scarpetta is a great little Italian place with a unique vibe and moderately priced dishes. I would definitely recommend giving it a shot if  you are craving Italian food :).

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