The Mega Race – Calgary Edition

This year a few individuals put together a smaller version of the Amazing Race that took place in Calgary called the Mega Race. My friend and I participated in it and even though they have some kinks to work out, it was still a really fun day. We started at Last Best Brewery (one of my favorite spots) and were given clues to find out where we would have to go to receive stamps. There were a bunch of different ways to obtain the best score but basically the more stamps you got the better and you only had two hours to arrive to the meeting point or your ranking would drop significantly. The point system was the most confusing part of the race so hopefully they organized it a bit better since the second one is coming up in a few weeks.

Some of the places we went you had to do a challenge and some you didn’t, obviously the ones where you had to do something were more fun but they also took up your time. The even ran all day so we when finished and met at final meeting spot, the Trop, we were dead tired. I am not sure if I would do it again to be honest, but would recommend it for a fun day full of activity for a relatively good price. Below are some pictures from the day.

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