Invermere, BC

Stopping in Lake Country wasn’t our only detour on the way to Kelowna this year. We also decided to stop and check out Invermere, BC, as Reagan had never been and we’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a cabin/land in the (fingers crossed) nearish future. I haven’t been to Invermere in years and it has really grown to be quite the vacation destination, especially for Albertan’s it seems. We drove through Radium, Windermere, and Invermere to check out some communities and while doing so we cam across this awesome little spot called Majestic U Brew & Wine.

Majestic U Brew & Wine is owned by an older couple that moved from Calgary to Invermere 19 years ago. They opened up a brewery where you pick what you want to brew and you do the finalizing processes as well as they have every kind of wine you can think of and partner with wineries around the world so you can make a specialized blend to your liking. They told us all about the processes and it takes about 6 weeks for them to get your order together. When the wine or beer is ready to be bottled you come in and finish the process by bottling, capping, and labeling your products. The cost to do all of this comes out to about $6 a bottle (CAD), which blew our minds. So absolutely another reason to get a place in Invermere ;).

Since we were already on the wine and beer train we stopped at a new brewery called Arrowhead Brewing Company. They had recently built a patio and with the weather being so lovely it was a great place to stop for a pint (or in my case a flight). The vibe was super cool and retro and just seemed like a place you could hang out with a big group of friends and have a blast.

For dinner we ventured downtown via cab, there is only one company and they have very few cars and drivers so curfew was 11 pm and that was a great thing to know for us since we’re typically not the early to bed types. Since we were only have one real meal in Invermere before heading to Kelowna I wanted to try the spot that was talked about the most widely and that was the Birchwood Restaurant. It was definitely close to a fine dining restaurant and they had some amazing food and drinks. I was so glad we went. My favorite dishes were the kimchi tacos, the fondue, and of course the desserts, WOW. The desserts were all amazing! I don’t often get dessert when Reagan and I go for dinner because I usually have to eat it all myself if I do, but even he dug in and loved the sticky toffee pudding, which is saying a lot.

Basically the moral of this trip to Invermere is that we can’t wait to get a place there and spend our weekends enjoying the town and the lake. Now to find the perfect place with exactly what we want for a good price, sigh.

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