Diner En Blanc

Hi! My name is Alisa Marcellus and I LOVE food. I have always had a passion for everything food related but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to take my love for food to the internet. I started by posting pictures of all delicious things I have eaten on Instagram and now here I am writing a blog about those delicious things and all my travels.

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and the foods they have to offer. I use to travel nearly every month and then four years ago I was in a car accident that very much changed my life. I went from being a very independent person to having to rely on many people for things I never would have imagined I wouldn’t be able to do myself. Since the accident I have seen doctors and therapists galore as well as have had two surgeries. I had back surgery in June 2017 and this greatly increased my mobility and decreased my pain, which has given me a lot of hope! After three years and a lot of ups and downs my dad encouraged me to start an Instagram account (actually he said blog because he didn’t really know what Instagram was yet haha) about the food I had tried and would try in the future. That day I made the account and here I am now finally blogging about food.

Aside from my back recovery, many other awesome things happened over the last few years. In July 2018 I got married to the best guy (Reagan and we went to Bali for our honeymoon, which was definitely a check off the bucket list. I have also gone back to work full time and am finally starting to get my stride. Bring on 2019!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some interesting posts while checking out my site. If you have any travel or food recommendations please message me! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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